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Media January 16, 2022

Economic Fighters League breaks away from FixTheCountry Movement

The Economic Fighters League (EFL) is no longer part of the FixTheCountry Movement. Explaining the split in a statement, the EFL cited concerns with transparency and a lack of ambition. “Sadly, the ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Can the #Fixthecountry campaign help Ghana? | YourCommonwealth

Ghana’s #Fixthecountry campaign has been spearheaded by Ghanaian youth calling for infrastructure, political and economic change in their country. They have raised their voices on social media and in protest ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Ghanaians ask government to #fixthecountry. | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 11.05.2021

TOP STORIES Ghana’s government this month outlawed a demonstration demanding better living standards. But the youths behind the 'Fix the Country' movement say they will not stop until governance improves in ... more

Media January 16, 2022

The 77 Percent — What′s behind Ghana′s #FixTheCountry movement? | Africa | DW | 07.12.2021

Africa The level of frustration among the youth in Ghana has increased in step with hardships brought on by the COVID pandemic. What started out as a social media campaign under ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Ghana′s youth turn to social media to ′fix country′s problems′ | Africa | DW | 12.05.2021

Social media users in Ghana are adhering to the hashtag #FixTheCountry in droves to pressure the government to improve its citizens' lives. The social media initiative is starting to leave cyberspace ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Ghana’s #FixTheCountry protesters take to Accra’s streets

Several thousand protesters marched in Ghana’s capital Accra on Wednesday under the slogan “#FixTheCountry”, the latest rally against President Nana Akufo-Addo’s government. Dressed in red and black and chanting patriotic songs, ... more

Media January 16, 2022

FixTheCountry: Ghanaians prepare for #FixTheCountry demo as Ghana Cedi depreciate catch Ghc6 to $1 dollar

27 July 2021Wia dis foto come from, FIXTHECOUNTRY/TWITTERDe Ghana Cedi hit all time low dis year as $1 dollar now be equivalent to Ghc6.Dis be after de Ghana cedi start ... more

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