About Us

#FixTheCountry Movement, is a non-partisan and non-political civic movement by Ghanaian youths for Ghana.

We're mobilizing thousands of people to build a better Ghana where no person will have to lack their basic rights as a Ghanaian.

We believe in your voice

At FixTheCountry, We believe that the power to change the Ghana is in us all, we also believe that when everyone speaks out the problem of society and action together, the Ghana will become a better place.
So we're in here with a simple and clear mission, building a powerful platform for the change, helping people in Ghana and other Africans to raise their voices, collecting signatures and contribute to Ghana and the rest of Africa.
Who use FTC platform?

Activists and supporters

Activists and supporters
Social activists can start a social movements or a petitions and connect supporters in their communities.

Decision makers

Decision makers
Decision makers at the highest levels of government and business are engaging with their constituents and consumers.


Leading organizations are advancing their causes and mobilizing new supporters.


Journalists are sourcing powerful stories and covering campaigns hundreds of times a day.

We need talented, passionate people to changing Ghana

Our vision is to be the organization body that seeks the ordinary Ghanaian’s interest in political matters. Would you like to join us?

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