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We are mobilizing the ordinary Ghanaian for a NEW GHANA

#FixTheCountry is a non-partisan and non-political civic movement by Ghanaian youths for Ghana.

We are demanding a new society founded on justice. We are refusing to play by the rules of a political class that is so disinterested in the Ghana project. We are asking for a reset in the direction and the assumptions that pervasive immorality thrives on in our body politic.


This project aims to bring attention to Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) as the vehicles for local development and the most reliable agents to ‘fix the country’.
Starting new MMDCEs mandates, we ask MMDCEs across the country for a detailed program of action and annual KPIs on various sectors of the district economy.

We hope to bring accountability to local governance. Become a district coordinator today!
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We are refusing to play by the rules of a political class that is so disinterested in the Ghana project.

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What do we hope?

Hope for The Youth

A working country where the youth’s future looks promising after school. Provide good-paying jobs, provide all Ghanaians the opportunity to thrive.

Hope for Elderly

Provide a much better pension scheme for the old and retired to live comfortably during retirement. Provide better health care services for the elderly.

Hope for Better Ghana

We are asking questions that show the depth of the Republic’s moral corruption. In a society where all civic institutions and administrative bodies have been corrupted from within by the political class and its enablers and corrupt appendages.