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Media January 16, 2022

Can the #Fixthecountry campaign help Ghana? | YourCommonwealth

Ghana’s #Fixthecountry campaign has been spearheaded by Ghanaian youth calling for infrastructure, political and economic change in their country. They have raised their voices on social media and in protest ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Economic Fighters League breaks away from FixTheCountry Movement

The Economic Fighters League (EFL) is no longer part of the FixTheCountry Movement. Explaining the split in a statement, the EFL cited concerns with transparency and a lack of ambition. “Sadly, the ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Fix The Country Ghana: Ghanaians protest online as Ghana police full ground for Independence Square

9 May 2021Wia dis foto come from, OthersGhana Police mount heavy security presence for Independence Square where #FixTheCountryGhana protestors wan gather.De Police dey enforce court injunction wey dem secure against ... more

Media January 16, 2022

Fix The Country Ghana: Police secure injunction to stop #FixTheCountry demo

6 May 2021Wia dis foto come from, Getty ImagesGhana Police secure court injunction against planned #FixTheCountry demo wey organizers schedule for May 9.De Police Service filed motion which pray de ... more

Media January 16, 2022

#FixTheCountry protesters hit the street; call for rejection of 2022 budget

Scores of Ghanaians are protesting in Accra as part of the #FixTheCountry demonstration to reject portions of the government’s budget statement and economic policy for 2022. According to the protestors, aspects ... more

Media January 16, 2022

#FixTheCountry demo hits Takoradi with call on government to address corruption, kidnappings

As the country marks today’s Nkrumah Memorial Day, hundreds of residents of the Western Region are participating in the #FixTheCountry demonstration in Takoradi to express their displeasure with governance in ... more

Media January 16, 2022

#FixTheCountry Movement demo against 2022 budget comes off today

Members of the #FixTheCountry movement will today, Friday, November 26, 2021, hit the streets of Accra to demonstrate against some of the policies announced in the 2022 budget. The Finance Minister ... more

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